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Little Hamlin Rescued From Drain

VicDRG Blog This is little Hamlin. He was found by two boys living in a drain. How nice that they cared enough to take him to a pound to be looked after. Well done. Sadly so many people just don't want to get involved.…

VIC Election - What Needs To Happen In Companion Animal Welfare

Many animal welfare issues are being raised in the context of the forthcoming Victorian election. This paper will focus on those issues affecting companion animals that are within the power of the State Government to address. There are seven categories which we will summarise and on which we will provide our recommended position.

Pet Crisis - A Paw in Need

We are delighted to announce that we have received a $7000 grant for our ‘Pet Crisis – a Paw in Need’ program. This is an innovative program to allow us to assist in a small way with the pets of the homeless and those fleeing domestic violence

Vic DRG Winter Appeal - help us helping them.

It has been a very tough 12 months for VicDRG. Despite trying to influence reform, despite so many other rescue groups coming forward, there is a never-ending supply of dogs and cats needing help. We often…

AniMeals – Our New Venture

We are very excited by our AniMeals program which aims to feed the pets of financially stressed people in the Bayside and Glen Eira community and very grateful for the funding from the Bureau of Animal…