Cats For Adoption

  • Jaele


    Female Manx x, DOB 19/12/2015

    Jaele has been in care a long time and because she is such special needs we would also be interested in someone willing to take her for set periods to give her carer a break.
    Jaele is a friendly, gentle girl who enjoys the company of her dog and cat housemates, but is also happy to spend time by herself on a sunny windowsill...

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  • Catthew Hartwell

    Catthew Hartwell

    Male Domestic Short Hair , DOB 29/11/14

    Catthew is the cat you’ve been searching for! The perfect combination of independent and adorable, you’ll instantly fall for Catthew’s sweet face and lovable personality...

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  • Philadelphia Kettlewell

    Philadelphia Kettlewell

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 15/10/19

    Dog family sought for dog friendly cat! Philadelphia is an absolute sweetheart who loves a pat and being near you. She adores people and will follow you around while you talk to her...

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  • Milly Isherwood

    Milly Isherwood

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 7/12/17

    Milly needs someone to love and to be loved. Milly is an exceptionally, shy girl and needs a quiet home, where her people will allow her time to settle and adjust, without expectation of her...

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  • Sirius Moon

    Sirius Moon

    Male Domestic Medium Hair , DOB 8/1/21

    Sirius is an adventurer and likes to explore - he likes to regularly check out what is happening in his tunnel and loves to play in the box maze. He is particularly happy if he should find a mouse (toy, of course)...

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  • Castor Moon

    Castor Moon

    Male Domestic Medium Hair , DOB 8/1/21

    Castor is fun! Castor is a gorgeous little guy, who is always up to something. He is cheeky, playful and fun. He loves to run and roll with his brothers and play hide and seek around the couch, the tunnel and within boxes...

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  • Pollux Moon

    Pollux Moon

    Male Domestic Medium Hair, DOB 8/1/21

    Pollux, affectionately known as Luxi, is gentle and sweet, however, very playful and energetic. Luxi loves his siblings, especially Sirius and can often be seen playing puzzle games with him ...

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  • Bellatrix Moon

    Bellatrix Moon

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 19/2/20

    The kitten in Bella has been let loose! Bellatrix, affectionately known as Bella, is a beautiful, young, cat, who is already a Mum. Although still caring of her young family, Bella’s kittens can now stand on their own...

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  • Antares Moon

    Antares Moon

    Male Domestic Medium Hair, DOB 8/1/21

    Please note: Antares will be re-homed with his mother, one of his siblings or a home with another cat for company.
    Little Ant is the smallest of his litter (at present he fits in the cup of his carers hand) and yet he is a fearless feline...

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  • Cairo Nordstrom

    Cairo Nordstrom is cheking out his new home

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 25/1/21

    Cairo is adorable! He’s tiny for his age but has a purr a lion would be proud of. This easy going sweet natured boy loves to play and chase his siblings...

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  • Columbus Nordstrom

    Columbus Nordstrom

    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 25/1/21

    Say Hi to Columbus, A dedicated cuddler and affectionate snuggle-bug looking for someone to provide him a lifetime supply of belly rubs – Yes, I said belly rubs, plenty of belly rubs....

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  • Abby Quartermain

    Abby Quartermain is cheking out her new home

    Female Domestic Short, DOB 1/01/20

    Abby is a lovely cat, she always greets you with a head bump and when relaxed purrs very easily. She is happy being picked up for a cuddle...

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  • Frankie Quartermain

    Frankie Quartermain is cheking out her new home

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB DOB 10/02/21

    Frankie is beautiful and also quite shy. She's still getting used to being in the company of people and learning to trust. Despite her shyness, Frankie is just as playful as her siblings...

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  • Daisy Quartermain

    Daisy Quartermain

    Female Domestic Short Hair , DOB 10/02/21

    Please note: Daisy will be adopted with her sister Charlotte.
    Daisy 'the adventurer' is confident and smart. She's always the first one of her siblings to venture out into new situations and explore...

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  • Charlotte Quartermain

    Charlotte Quartermain

    Female Domestic Short Hair , DOB 10/02/21

    Please note: Charlotte will be adopted with her sister Daisy.
    Charlotte loves to play and is getting more and more confident every day with being handled and cuddled...

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  • Orlando


    Male Domestic Short Hair, DOB 1/3/20

    Orlando has not had a very good start to his short life, but he is not letting that hold him back. He is looking forward to the future, to a time when he will have his own, loving family...

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  • Mia Armistead

    Mia Armistead - is cheking out her new home

    Female Domestic Short Hair, DOB 9/11/08

    What a sweetie our lovely Mia Armistead is. Her needs are simple – good food, love and cuddles and a warm, place to settle and call home. She is a very, purry lady...

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  • Grace Buckingham

    Grace Buckingham

    Female Domestic Medium Hair, DOB 5/1/14

    Gorgeous Grace is quiet, shy and unassuming. She likes to spend most of her days snoozing and enjoys taking a short daily stroll in the garden, provided it is not too cold, so if you have a securely contained area this would be ideal...

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  • Jackson Dunwoodie

    Jackson Dunwoodie is checking out his new home

    Domestic Long Hair, DOB 7/8/11

    Jackson is a friendly boy new to our group...

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  • Jaffa and Esther Featherwoodie

    Jaffa and Esther Featherwoodie

    Female Domestic Medium Hair, DOB Jaffa 29/3/19, Esther 23/9/20

    Please note: Jaffa and Esther are very bonded and will be rehomed together.
    Jaffa is a sweet, shy girl. Esther is a little explorer and very inquisitive...

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Check out our gallery with rescue cats of all sizes and backgrounds. They all have two things in common: each was abandoned in one way or other, and each of them is longing for a forever home, a home where they are loved, feel safe and yes -  are spoiled. Can you give that to one of these gorgeous guys?

Please note: we do not rehome interstate or to applicants under 25.