Foster Caring For VicDRG

If you would like to foster a rescue dog or cat please go to the application forms page and download the relevant form. But before you do, please make sure that you have read about foster caring below.

Application Forms

Have you ever considered foster caring a dog that needs a second chance. VicDRG foster carers provide love, training, socialisation, food and updates to us on their fostered dog. All other costs such as vet visits, group training classes, special food requirements, registration, worm and flea treatments are of course paid for by us.

Perhaps you are only in Victoria for six months, intend to travel, have a baby in a year or two, not want a permanent commitment for many years, are unsure what sort of dog you would like as a permanent companion, or are elderly and are concerned what may happen to a dog if you need to move to a different living situation. Foster caring may provide the answer.

Nearly all dogs end up in pounds through no fault of their own. Their owner may not be able to keep them any longer due to changed circumstances; they may have been lost and not located by their person; or they may have simply been not wanted. Unfortunately too many people in our community regard dogs and cats as disposable items.

Some of these dogs are happy and friendly and untouched by their experiences. Some become timid and insecure. Some are house trained, some are not. When you foster for an organisation such as ours, we supply 24-hour support and if for any reason there is a problem with that dog not fitting in your household, we will give you complete backup and guarantee to remove the dog by the next day if required.

What do you need to be a good VicDRG foster carer? You will:

  1. attend our foster care course that runs periodically
  2. provide good quality food, leadership, affection, and training where necessary
  3. complete our dog report advising us of the personality, behaviour and health of the dog, the good points and any negative ones
  4. ensure your dog is safe at all times and not let off leash without our approval
  5. make yourself available for a meet and greet with prospective adopters either at your house or nearby park
  6. give us your valued opinion on the appropriateness of the adopter after the meet and greet.

Foster caring can be an incredibly rewarding experience - to see the look of trust and growing confidence in a dog that has been rescued from death row, and to watch them go to a family who will love and care for them, knowing that they are now part of the VicDRG family and we will always be there for them. As a community fostercare network we cannot exist without our foster carers. We value you.

Note that foster carers do not have the automatic right to adopt their dog. Their application is processed on the same basis as others. If you are looking to foster a dog aas a way of finding a dog to adopt please ask us about our ‘foster with a view’ program.